Wedding Stationery

We decided to create our own stationery for our 2015 wedding.

The background

Our big day finally had a date of late May 2015. So, as of the end of 2014 I was kindly informed that I needed to start thinking about stationery for the wedding. This would involve invites, place names, RSVP’s and other such information.

“Look on my pinterest”

My now wife (we’ll call her Kirstin…as that’s her name) had a vague idea of what she wanted the invites to look like. She kindly went about sending me items on Pinterest, eventually setting up a board on my account for reference. How kind of her.

After exploring the information that we needed to put on the invites, I created a few prototypes. This was followed with a bout of printing them off and showing her. Just like working with a client on web work, she liked parts of one design more than others.  We sat together and made changes until we were both happy with how the design was turning out.

Create, amend, send

I decided to use Illustrator for creating the templates over InDesign. This was simply because I’m more comfortable using the interface and program in general. After a month or so, they were all ready. I sent the designs off to the lovely people at who performed their duties admirably. They have excellent customer service and swift turn around times. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

People loved them!

There were a few mentions in the leadup to the wedding about where we had got the stationery done. When we told people that we’d designed and printed them, (luckily) they were really impressed.

Although this was only a personal project, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Print work is not something I carry out all that often, and it requires so much more accuracy and eye for detail than on the web. If something is wrong, more often than not, you’ll have to pay the price to get it amended.

Fingers crossed I’ll get to delve into the world of occasional print design again some time soon. I’m thinking of placing our templates on Etsy in the future to see if I can gain any business through that.