Thorntons Law

An interface overhaul to enhance the user experience

The background

Thorntons are a law firm with offices across Scotland. With a rich history across a multitude of services, they have a vast client base who rely on their knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately, their digital offering fell somewhat short when analysed next to their competition. They approached Story to help with updating their website design (not including structure) in an attempt to solve layout and interface issues that had arisen.

I was responsible for:

  • Wireframes / prototyping
  • Frontend design
  • Frontend build

Getting started

Using the old structure of the site hierarchy as a base upon which to build, I needed to create a series of pages and layouts that would appease the content that Thorntons had.

They had suggested a few initial pointers of what needed to be included on the homepage too, so once the initial discussions had taken place, I began creating the wireframe prototype.

These were relatively high fidelity as a lot of the content for the website was already in place. Very few complications presented themselves in all honesty, and they were signed off with relative ease.

The final wireframes can be seen here if you so wish.

The design phase

Occasionally when designing interfaces for clients, a less than appealing brand design is given to work with. Unfortunately, this was the case with Thorntons. They had decided to move away from the existing strong blue and orange palette and instead used washed out blues, purples and oranges.

Personally I didn’t feel that these worked well together. However, part of the job was to implement the new brand work into a presentable UI for the website.

Several rounds of iteration and changes later and the design concepts were signed off. A number of conversations took place throughout the design phase of the project, and by relaying knowledge and insight into web design and trends, both I and Story were able to design an interface that the client was happy with, without it looking hugely dated.

Building the frontend

I put together a HTML style guide for the backend developers to use as reference when building the site. This included all elements that were used on the site. They could then be dropped onto any number of pages going forward.

There were minimal complications with this stage, as on the whole, the site is information based.

It was still important to ensure that interaction states and feedback given to the user was effective though, and this is the stage that it all got implemented.

The result

The client is delighted with their new interface. Granted, whilst it’s not as pretty as I feel it could have been. However, its a vast improvement on the version that was in existence previously.

Only launched in the middle of February 2018, it’s too early to tell whether our changes have had any lasting effects on conversions or other metrics. We’ll carry out a UX audit of the site in around 5 months or so to evaluate how it’s getting on.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and hopefully there’ll be more content soon. 🙂