Catriona Anderson Tourism & Marketing Services

A brand and website created for a family friend in the tourism industry.

The background

Catriona was starting her own company involved with tourism, conference and marketing services in late 2014. She had no digital presence and some home made business cards. These were getting her by.

I started off by trying to understand what she was trying to achieve. By doing so I was able to find out that Catriona was simply wanting to get word around about her new venture.

The website

We began by creating a simple website visual. This was uncluttered, clear and got to the point of what Catriona was trying to cover. We established that there was no need for a multiple page site. The content that was needed could easily be digested in a one page format. There were key details that needed to be included on the page and accessible on the move.

The branding

She also wanted a set of business cards that matched the clarity of the website. I created a simple design for these. I used for ordering these in, and as has happened before, the delivery times and quality of the end product exceeded expectations.

The future

I think that together we’ve managed to achieve what we set out to. Catriona has seen her business grow and develop over the last 12 months. A lot of referrals and contact have come via the website. Over the next year we’re looking to maybe expand the information on the site to hopefully gain more traction in the industry.