Enhancing UI – Property Cards

Inspired by some of the tweets that Steve Schoger posts, I decided to share some of the work that I carry out on a day to day basis.

A large – if not the most important – part in any UI based role is to make the user experience as pain free as possible. This quite often comes down to ‘reducing clutter’ on an interface or re-purposing the content in a different way so that it is easier to digest by users.

Based on this scenario, I came across a house building company who were displaying the new homes on their website in the following format.

Whilst it may be argued that the information on these cards is relevant, I feel it could be displayed in a more aesthetically pleasing manner by applying a few simple changes to elements of the UI.

I decided to play around with these ‘card’ UI elements to see if I could enhance their appearance.

Here’s what I amended and changed (click the image for a larger version)

As a consequence, the row of property cards now looks a lot cleaner than the previous iteration, as well as easier to digest.

Though these changes are unlikely to be implemented, but it was a fun exercise to carry out. I think I’ll start to post a few more articles like this in the future if anyone is remotely interested.

Thanks for reading.   🙂