5 of the best: #9

This week: Netflix release statistics on their user journeys from sign up to addiction, how visual indicators are used in real life and someone (not the first) takes it upon himself to mend the awful LinkedIn experience.

1. Visual indicators in real life

I loved reading this article. Some really interesting items relating how visual indicators, signifiers and affordances used on interfaces, exist in everyday life.
Read the article

2. Most Netflix subscribers sign up on phones or computers. But 70 percent of viewing happens on TVs

A fascinating insight into the process of users accessing Netflix’ content. I’m sure I fall into the wider category mentioned in here.
View the data

3. Successful UX Design – A short overview

Similar in some ways to the entry from 5th March featuring 30 Seconds of CSS, this article gives some examples of how UX design can be better. Soma obvious. Some not so much.

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4. Linkedin reimagined

The social network for professionals has long irritated me. It seems riddled with bugs and irritating UI elements. Whilst I don’t agree with everything in this article, I appreciate the lengths the author has gone to in an attempt to enhance the experience.
See how it’s been reimagined

5. Five fantastic design fails

A mildy funny link to finish. Baffles me how some of these passed approval process.
View the failures


Until next week, thanks for reading 🙂