5 of the best: #8

This week: Tips on how you could enhance your interface with subtle feedback given to the user, more fire to the argument of people not scrolling and a nifty little tool for creating assets for your website. Self promotion also features. Sorry.

1. Shape Factory – Simple tools to enrich creativity

A really neat tool for creating gradients, duotone images, pigments and even logos (the last one isn’t free – the others are). I’ve had a play around with it and was suitably impressed.
Visit Shape Factory

2. Turn your good interface into a great one

A relatively simple article showing how to implement more effective UI transitions (mainly) to enhance the user experience. A lot of these would likely be more easily implemented in an app environment than website, but I’m sure most are possible given time and resource to refine them.
See how

3. People don’t scroll…and other myths

Another one to add to the bank of resources. The title explains this article.
Visit UX Planet

4. Avoiding common prototyping mistakes

“With the proper planning, you can focus your time and effort, create more effective prototypes, and avoid mistakes”. A somewhat lengthy, but isnightful article about some of the more common pitfalls that go along with prototyping.
Read the article

5. That’s probably a bad idea because…

Struggled to find content this week, so the final link is mine. 😊 A list of resources to answer common requests from clients.
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Until next week, thanks for reading 🙂