Internet demise

5 of the best: #7

This week: An honest and refreshing perspective on the abysmal state of the internet at the moment, a Slack competitor by Google gets released into the wild for everyone to try and how to improve your product by learning from the experts.

1. The demise of the internet

A honest perspective on the state of the internet today. It’s not great. I’ll give you a snippet from the article:

  1. Enter website
  2. Immediately close interstitial
  3. Yes, I accept cookies
  4. Okay, I suppose I can disable my adblocker
  5. Yes okay, you can use my location
  6. No thank you; I do not want to receive push notifications
  7. No need to chat with an agent, thank you
  8. Sorry, I do not want to download your e-book
  9. No, I do not want to subscribe to your newsletter either
  10. I do not want to rate your site just yet, sorry

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2. Hangouts Chat, Google’s Slack competitor, comes out of beta

It’ll be interesting to see if the power that Google has in enough to topple the industry leader in Slack.
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3. 30 seconds of CSS

Nothing groundbreaking (as the title suggests) but still a neat little go-to for some of the more simple aspects to CSS queries that might crop up.
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4. Improving your landing page by learning from the best

Another one for the “Everything on the web looks the same” research bank. I’ve written before that design patterns should be embraced and not frowned upon. This article explains it in a more coherent format 🙂
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5. UX Case Study: Lonely Planet redesign

The methodology and research that the Lonely Planet team undertook in their recent update.
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Until next week, thanks for reading 🙂