A passion project: Crazy Headlines

Some people want to watch the world burn. Some want to rule it. Others simply want to share their crazy headlines.

Both myself and self-confessed Simpsons gif fanatic Fraser Clark share a passion for discovering the craziest, most insane, ludicrous, idiotic – and frankly unbelievable – headlines from around the globe.

For years we’ve been sharing wacky headlines that we find via WhatsApp, chuckling to ourselves. This usually goes hand in hand with thinking “how the hell is this news” or “jesus, that’s rancid“.

A new year signalled a new dawn. In January 2018, we had our first constructive idea that we’ve had in 5 years of working together. “Let’s share these headlines with the world. People deserve to know about them“.

Fraser set up a simple WordPress install allowing us to upload pictures, links and titles. I created a somewhat simple UI and the rest came together beautifully.

At the time of writing, there have been a number of absolute beauties delivered onto the feed. My personal favourites include Japanese men measuring body parts, camels having botox and ‘Jesus’ dying.

Plans for expansion

We have great plans for the future of crazyheadlin.es. Monthly, yearly and decade headline winners with zero prizes as an incentive. We’re also planning on travelling to relevant countries to research these articles, giving up our day jobs and having greater wealth than Richard Branson.

Visit crazyheadlin.es