Winter Olympics

5 of the best: #6

The latest entry showing interesting and informative links that I’ve found over the past 7 days. This week: Winter Olympic branding, a fascinating insight into the lives of the American people using data and a resource I’ve been relying on more recently.

1. The branding behind the Winter Olympics

There I was thinking they’d just drawn shapes and printed them onto on bus posters. Turns out there was some creative logic behind it all. Who’d have thought.
See the thought behind it

2. A day in the life of Americans

When done effectively, data visualisation is amazing. This particular example is exactly that. Just fascinating. Check it out.
Explore the visualisation

3. Little UI Details

I think I’ve tweeted about this before, but I’ve found myself going to it recently with a number of design projects I’m currently working on. Hopefully the page continues to grow with the little snippets of information.
See the codepen example

4. Using customer reviews to make informed UX decisions

A relatively interesting article explaining different approaches that could be taken – based on customer reviews – to enhance your own UX. Not greatly in depth, but a few ideas worth bearing in mind.
Read the full article

5. Bad UX Weeks

Raviteja Govindaraju (he wrote the above article about customer reviews) has a profile/channel on Medium. I found his pieces insightful and interesting. Thought I’d share.

Read the latest in the Bad UX week series or view Raviteja’s profile.

Until next week, thanks for reading 🙂