5 of the best: #5

The latest entry showing interesting and informative links that I’ve found over the past 7 days. This week: Is it a bad thing that ‘everything looks the same’, the work that goes into creating a brand logo, a fictitious restaurant climbs the ratings and why it’s important to forget about competition for a while.

1. Website sameness

There’s often a conversation that takes place with clients – “but that design looks like everything else on the web”. Is this a bad thing? I tend to think not, and the article below expands on both the positives and negatives of that opinion.
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2. The Shed at Dulwich

Oobah Butler set himself a goal to become the #1 rated restaurant in London. Sounds hard. Sounds even harder when you consider he doesn’t have a restaurant. There’s an article explaining what happened, but the video covers things in a far more engaging way.
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3. Building the new Tandemly logo

I don’t possess the corewct attributes to create visually pleasing brandmarks from a blank canvas, but it interests me. A short insight into a new logo for Tandemly.
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4. Focus on the customer – not the competition

How focusing on the customer at brought JotForm over 1 million new signups in a year. This article explains how they went about it, and the changes they made to achieve it.
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5. Why links are important in SEO

Writing for the web has evolved hugely since its inception. This article reinforces the good practices that should be followed when wanting to enhance your SEO
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