Windows 95 UI

5 of the best: #4

Another entry showing interesting and informative links that I’ve found over the past 7 days. This week includes a fascinating trip back to Windows 95, beautiful copywriting and information about your delayed flight…before it knows it’s delayed.

1. Designing the Windows 95 UI

An interesting look at what went into creating – amongst others – the famous Start button that is now synonomous with the Windows OS. Even 22 years on, the same principles still apply. The interface isn’t going to work if you don’t test it with real users.
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2. Digital design is never done

A similar article to the Windows one above. This explains the iterative approach that was taken when designing the outlook app. Interesting read.
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3. Copywriting matters: Nishi

“Inspiring the internet to suck less, one website at a time”, Nishi is on a mission to showcase & celebrate websites that aren’t plagued with business jargon, and talk to you like they’re a human. The site features a collection of interesting, and pretty, uses of copy across the web.
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4. Google already knows if your flight is delayed

Relying on an incredible library of data that they hold, Google can now tell you (with 80% accuracy) whether your flight is going to be delayed.
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5. Dear Apple: Please fix notifications

One user grew so frustrated with one element of the iOS UI, he decided to try and find a solution. As is often the case, the fix really isn’t too groundbreaking, but could make the UX infinitely more enjoyable for iPhone owners.
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