5 of the best: #3

A weekly entry listing interesting, informative (and sometimes useless) links that I’ve found over the past 7 days. This week includes how to take design advice, ANOTHER article on the beloved hamburger and tips for creating an engaging email campaign.

1. Design details in Squarespace

I used Squarespace a few years ago for our wedding website. It was super easy to use then, and this article goes some way to explaining why it works so well.
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2. Taking design feedback from non-designer

Everyone has an opinion. Most of the time, it’s how we react to that opinion that makes the difference.
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3. What makes a really good email?

Really insightful article about effective email design. Easy to forget the basic tricks that work when engaging with customers sometimes.
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4. Ditch the hamburger. It just works.

Another article about the benefits of ditching hamburger menus. In my experience, issues often originate from a fragmented structure at the beginning of the project. If you have 9 ‘main’ categories on an information site, you’re probably repeating yourself. Sort that out and you might be able to make use of a similar technique that Glossier have implemented.
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5. Contrast ratios in Chrome

Chrome Color Contrast ratio
Not an article, just a tweet. It looks like contrast ratio will be added to the color picker as of Chrome 65 according to the above tweet. Amazed it took so long to implement though.
Chrome Dev Tools on Twitter