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5 of the best: #2

A weekly entry listing interesting, informative (and sometimes useless) links that I’ve found over the past 7 days including little UI details, creating your own Google font and the disaster that was the redesign of the Leeds United Badge.

1. Little UI details

A collection of useful little snippets and tips offering advice on the best way to enhance your interface. Nothing groundbreaking – just informative, interesting and a cool little ‘go-to’ resource.


2. The Leeds United badge redesign

Leeds united club badge

It’s fair to say that this didn’t go very well for the Yorkshire club. Met with a barrage of negative feedback from disgruntled fans, the club decided to “re-open the design consultation”. I do wonder if the retraction would have been quite so swift in the days pre-social media. Maybe people would have just accepted it after a few weeks of initial negativity.


3. Should we ditch the ‘phablet’ label and just call them ‘phones’?

More users than ever are using a ‘Phablet’ (5.5″ – 6″) as their primary device. The crossover point has probably been reached that these are now standard phones, rather than a mix match of two terms.


4. If it ain’t broke…

The design hierarchy of the Apple homepage has remained remarkably similar over the last 20 years. The format clearly works.


5. Creating a custom Google font

Really interesting insight (and pretty awesome output) into the work behind the creation of a Google font.