Autotrader Car

User testing at AutoTrader

We’re currently working with a client in the motor industry at work. As part of a new website that the client is launching in the upcoming future, they wanted to carry out some user testing on the wireframes and visuals that we’d put together, in order to see if we were heading in the right direction.

They have an established relationship with Autotrader, which opens up a few doors for them in terms of tools that they have at their disposal. Luckily for us, part of this was to make use of their user testing facilities.

The Autotrader team down in Manchester carry out several user tests at various points throughout the year on their own website, so they were really clued in with the process that works best.

The process was simple. Carry out an informal chat with each of the 6 participants whilst asking them questions to see how easy or difficult the content was to find. A few questions included:

How would you find the price of a new BMW 5 series?
How would you search for a used car with 55 mpg, has less than 30,000 miles and is below £15,000.
Can you tell me what time the service department opens.

It’s always interesting to see how people interact with something that you’ve been working on for weeks, and sometimes months. You think you’ve thought of every eventuality, and the Maud from Northumberland goes and clicks on a menu item that bears no relation to the question you’ve just asked. Somehow she finds her way. Baffling.

As for the test scenario itself, there were the usual things you’d expect to see. Post-it notes on the wall, way too much caffeine being consumed and the odd awkward joke being muttered under someones breath. All in all though, the test(s) went well. The AutoTrader team are going to put the results together and get back to us with any further findings or suggestions they have, on top of the notes that we took.

In the meantime, here are some images taken from inside their amazing office.