About me

I’m a product designer working at FreeAgent in Edinburgh. I build prototypes, interfaces and experiences that make people happy.

What I do



Starting with low fidelity, pencil prototypes, I gently evolve them into digital prototypes so they represent the behaviour of the final product.


UI Design

Designing and refining interfaces based on the findings of the prototype. Think of this as painting the house and fixing bits that you didn’t spot during the earlier stage.



The work doesn’t stop once the site has launched. I use a variety of tools and techniques to measure user experience and amend products where required to increase metrics.

Recent work

A few items from my portfolio of work

Thorntons Law

An interface overhaul to enhance the user experience

Isle of Harris Distillers

A redesign and update of the Harris distillers website.

Glasgow Science Centre

The design and build of a new website for Glasgow Science Centre.