About me

I’m a web & interface designer based in Edinburgh, currently working at Story UK. In my time here, I’ve worked on campaigns and websites for established clients including Laing Jewellers, The Scottish Government, Ian Macleod Distillers, Stewart Milne and Rettie Estate agents.

More about me

What I do



Using Axure for wireframes and a pencil for sketching, I start off with low fidelity prototypes, slowly evolving them so they end up being representative of a final website.


UI Design

I create a number of visuals based on the lessons learned during the prototype phase. Designing interfaces is what I love doing the most.


Front end coding

I take a design, and build it in an accessible, editable and consistent way, relying on years of experience in the industry. I try to make every site an improvement on the last.



The work doesn’t stop once the site has launched. I use a variety of tools and techniques to measure UX and then enhance the site accordingly.

Recent work

A few items from my portfolio of work

Thorntons Law

An interface overhaul to enhance the user experience

Isle of Harris Distillers

A redesign and update of the Harris distillers website.

Glasgow Science Centre

The design and build of a new website for Glasgow Science Centre.

Scarlett Land & Development

The prototype and design creation of a startup company website.

My thoughts

Ramblings and thoughts from day to day

Current Motorpoint banner

Enhancing UI – The Motorpoint search

Don’t ask me why, but I ended up on the Motorpoint website today. I have no intention of buying a car now, or at any point in the near future. There must have been a reason I came to their website but I can’t shed any light why that was. Sorry. Regardless, as with most…


Enhancing UI – Property Cards: #2

In a (very) similar manner to a recent entry that I posted about redesigning property cards, a client wondered whether any enhancements could be made to their proposed design layout. Whilst the content is similar to that original article, the layout of the information and details required to be shown to the user are different.…

UX Scotland 2018

UX Scotland 2018

I recently attended UX Scotland 2018 held at the beautiful Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Now in it’s 6th year, it is a well established event for anyone interested in user experience. Held between the 13th and 15th of June, there were a wealth of speakers from a variety of different companies including FreeAgent, AutoTrader, Instagram,…